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Photos: Calvary Cemetery — 4.25.20

  The afternoon was cold, dark and rainy at Calvary Cemetery. Maybe that’s why I ended up in my short walk there, focusing on the textures of things, such as this sideview of one of several angels adorning a tombstone.     I liked the simple sharpness carved into the fronds of this ornamentation on another.     And the boulder-like character of…

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Poem: None of my own

    None of my own by Patrick T. Reardon   I packed books in boxes and notes in boxes and pens and rulers and pads of paper and photos in frames and maps and small things without any category that reminded me of a person I’d met or a story I’d written or a place I’d been on the job. I said good- bye, hugged and was hugged, saw tears in other eyes but shed none of…

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Poem: Ecclesiastes Road

  Ecclesiastes Road By Patrick T. Reardon   See and see: Each time passes. Journey is taken. River runs. Green brittles. Tall withers. Sun is blind. Blood dries to grit. Clock locks.   I line my dashboard with communion of saints, each action figure holier than I, driving west down Ecclesiastes Road, listening to sacramental noise of wind through open windows, liturgical sweat, no expectation of revelation whisper, itch to…

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