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Book review: “Edward Hopper: Portraits of America” by Wieland Schmied

On one of the final pages of his 1995 study Edward Hopper: Portraits of America, Wieland Schmied emphasizes the starkness, bleakness and harshness of light in Hopper’s paintings, especially those featuring human figures. He contrasts Hopper with Rembrandt and Vermeer, and writes: Rembrandt enfolds his figures in a protective darkness as if in a mantle.  His dusky chiaroscuro…

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Poem: “Bethlehem”

Bethlehem By Patrick T. Reardon Motel sign, blinking, blinking, blinking: "Jesus Christ slept here."  Put up a theme park with dioramas and interactive learning centers and miniature railroad circuits and, as one of the attractions, a You-Are-Crucified ride that ends in a big splash of death and then a quiet slide to redemption. Or oblivion in the Tunnel…

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Poem: “Towers loom”

Towers loom By Patrick T. Reardon Loop towers loom behind their gleam, and I can take you to the parking lot just off Dearborn Street where the Mayor and reporters went down into unflooded freight tunnels (although that lot is likely gone now, 26 years later). Alex and I drove south to…

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