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History Book Club — 20-year book list — 119 books, one of which read twice

Month Book Author

cronon --- nature's metropolis

March, 1993 Nature’s Metropolis William Cronon
May, 1993 Capt. Sir Richard Francis Burton Edward Rice
July, 1993 Memoirs U.S. Grant
September, 1993 A World Lit Only By Fire William Manchester
November, 1993 The Oregon Trail Franics Parkman

January, 1994 Homestead William Serrin
March, 1994 The Price of Admiralty John Keegan
May, 1994 The Great Bridge David McCullough
July, 1994 1066 David Howarth
September, 1994 Truman David McCullough
November, 1994 Out of the Storm Noah Andre Trudeau


January, 1995 Plagues and Peoples William H. McNeill
March, 1995 Citizen Hearst W.A. Swanberg
May, 1995 Band of Brothers Stephen Ambrose
July, 1995 The Reason Why Cecil Woodham-Smith
September, 1995 The Education of Henry Adams Henry Adams
November, 1995 The Promised Land Nicholas Lemann

January, 1996 The Pencil Henry Petroski
March, 1996 No Ordinary Time Doris Kearns Goodwin
May, 1996 Son of the Morning Star Evan Connell
July, 1996 Longitude Dava Sobel
September, 1996 The Jungle (fiction) Upton Sinclair
November, 1996 A Bright Shining Lie Neil Sheehan

sinclair --- jungle.combo.smaller

January, 1997 The Great Game Peter Hopkirk
March, 1997 Patriots A.J. Languth
May, 1997 Parting the Waters Taylor Branch
July, 1997 Hitler’s Willing Executioners Daniel Jonah Goldhagen
September, 1997 Boss Mike Royko
November, 1997 The Year of Decision: 1846 Bernard DeVoto

January, 1998 Louis Armstrong Laurence Bergreen
March, 1998 City of Quartz Mike Davis
May, 1998 A History of God Karen Armstrong
July, 1998 O Jerusalem Larry Collins + Dominique Lapierre
September, 1998 The Unredeemed Captive John Demos
November, 1998 The Proud Tower Barbara Tuchman

devoto --- year of decision

January, 1999 Big Trouble J. Anthony Lukas
March, 1999 The Gay Metropolis Charles Kaiser
May, 1999 Albert Speer Gitta Sereny
July, 1999 Baseball’s Great Experiment Jules Tygiel
September, 1999 Altgeld’s America Ray Ginger
November, 1999 Lincoln David Herbert Donald

January, 2000 The Peloponnesian Wars Thucydides
March, 2000 King Leopold’s Ghost Adam Hochschild
May, 2000 The First Man of Rome (fiction) Colleen McCullough
July, 2000 Goldwyn A. Scott Berg
September, 2000 Undaunted Courage Stephen Ambrose
November, 2000 Endurance Caroline Alexander


January, 2001 Lies My History Teacher Told Me James Loewen
April, 2001 American Pharoah Adam Cohen and Elizabeth Taylor
May, 2001 Mao Philip Short
July, 2001 Eye of the Storm Robert Knox Sneden
September, 2001 How the Allies Won Richard Overy
November, 2001 The Monk in the Garden Robin Marantz Henig

January, 2002 American Caesar William Manchester
March, 2002 Low Life Luc Sante
May, 2002 Theodore Rex Edmund Morris
July, 2002 The Rise of Napoleon Robert Sprey
September, 2002 What Went Wrong? Bernard Lewis
December, 2002 Master of the Senate Robert Caro


January, 2003 The Face of Battle John Keegan
March, 2003 The Great Hunger Cecil Woodham-Smith
May, 2003 Warrior of God James Reston Jr.
July, 2003 Killer Angels (fiction) Michael Shaara
September, 2003 To Conquer the Air James Tobin
November, 2003 The Age of Elizabeth Lacey Baldwin Smith

January, 2004 Benjamin Franklin Walter Isaacson
March, 2004 Paris 1919 Margaret Macmillan
May, 2004 Sons of Mississippi Paul Hendrickson
July, 2004 The Great Influenza John M. Barry
September, 2004 Leopold & Loeb Hal Higdon
November, 2004 In Dubious Battle (fiction) John Steinbeck

keegan --- face of battle

January, 2005 Comanches T. R. Fehrenbach
March, 2005 The Burning Tigris Peter Balakian
May, 2005 Imperial Hubris Anonymous (Michael Sheuer)
July, 2005 The Skeptic Terry Teachout
September, 2005 Rubicon Tom Holland
November, 2005 Luckiest Man Jonathan Eig

January, 2006 Arc of Justice Kevin Boyle
March, 2006 King of the World David Remnick
May, 2006 Constantine’s Sword James Carroll
July, 2006 The Autobiography of Malcolm X (as told to) Alex Haley
September, 2006 The Devil in the White City Erik Larson
November, 2006 The River of Doubt Candice Millard


January, 2007 The Meaning of Everything Simon Winchester
March, 2007 Over the Edge of the World Laurence Bergreen
May, 2007 All the Shah’s Men Stephen Kinzer
July, 2007 The Power Broker Robert Caro
September, 2007 A Savage War of Peace Alistair Horne
November, 2007 Augustus Anthony Everitt

January, 2008 American Prometheus Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin
March, 2008 Bury the Chains Adam Hochschild
May, 2008 The Looming Tower Lawrence Wright
July, 2008 Charlie Wilson’s War George Crile
September, 2008 The Days of the French Revolution Christopher Hibbert
November, 2008 The Guns of August Barbara Tuchman


January, 2009 Team of Rivals Doris Kearns Goodwin
March, 2009 A History of the World in 6 Glasses Tom Standage
May, 2009 Marco Polo Lawrence Bergreen
July, 2009 A Distant Mirror Barbara Tuchman
September, 2009 Indian Summer (100th book) Alex Von Tunzelmann
November, 2009 The Path Between the Seas David McCullough

January, 2010 American Visions Robert Hughes
March, 2010 Explaining Hitler: Ron Rosenbaum
May, 2010 An Army at Dawn Rick Atkinson
July, 2010 Unforgiveable Blackness Goefrrey Ward
September, 2010 Last of the Incas Kim MacQuarrie
November, 2010 Stonewall David Carter

Stonewall by David Carter

January, 2011 People’s History of the US Howard Zinn
March, 2011 Operation Mincemeat Ben Macintyre
May, 2011 Last Call Daniel Okrent
July, 2011 Life on the Mississippi Mark Twian
September, 2011 The Making of the Atomic Bomb Richard Rhodes
November, 2011 Clarence Darrow John Farrell

January, 2012 Empire of the Summer Moon S.C. Gwynne
March, 2012 Food in History Reay Tannahill
May, 2012 Catherine the Great Robert Massie
July, 2012 The Warmth of Other Suns Isabel Wilkerson
September, 2012 The Passage of Power Robert Caro
November, 2012 The Death and Life of Great American Cities Jane Jacobs

caro --- passage of power (LBJ --- 4)

January, 2013 Where They Stand Robert W. Merry
March, 2013 Nature’s Metropolis William Cronon

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