Poem: “Absent angel”

Poem: “David Reardon (January 23, 1951-November 21, 2015)”
November 21, 2016
Chicago history: When the Tribune’s home was covered in “deep chocolate” soot
November 23, 2016
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Poem: “Absent angel”

Absent angel


Mary on the hill,

her dying son,

her aching bones

and flesh, her

flock of his friends

looking to her for



david-michaelShe endured.

The next step

is a step in

any direction.


The thirteen

of us swim in

the suicide of

our brother.

We can’t

help but

drink in

the gall.


A sister

sends a

text with


voice like


blooded knife

and no angel

swooping to

the rescue.


Patrick T. Reardon



  1. Judy Lafferty McGrath says:

    His pain must have been unbearable I feel blessed to see him one more time on 10/24/15. I actually got to kiss him good bye without ever knowing it. My 8th grade football love #32!!!!

  2. Mary Elizabeth Zelasko says:

    Yes we are swimming and trying to keep our heads above water. Thank you for the beautiful words. They help me stay afloat.
    Love you

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