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Poem: Ecclesiastes Road


Ecclesiastes Road

By Patrick T. Reardon


See and see: Each time passes.

Journey is taken. River runs.

Green brittles. Tall withers. Sun is blind.

Blood dries to grit. Clock locks.


I line my dashboard with communion

of saints, each action figure holier than

I, driving west down Ecclesiastes Road,

listening to sacramental noise of wind

through open windows, liturgical sweat,

no expectation of revelation whisper,

itch to make distance, cover ground,

miles to go before miles to go, across

flatland to blank-face mountain, never

to be reached.


Remember now. Rains come and go.

Clouds remain. Strong men bend.

Girders are ground. Doors are shut.

Voice of bird has no music.

Desire fails. Bowl shatters. Spirit dust.


Some day, I will

breathe out my

sorrows finally.


Patrick T. Reardon



This poem was originally published in the 2019 Adelaide Literary Award Anthology, published 4.24.20.

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