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Poem: “Goddess Dementia”


Goddess Dementia

By Patrick T. Reardon


Goddess Dementia, come, waltz with me

down gray floors,

along sour green walls,

through Muzak air.


Undress me in my doorless room.

One button at a time, unfasten my pajama top,

unbutton the crotch of my bottoms.

Slip the blue and white stripes

off my purple-marbled legs

with your prying fingers.


Come, waltz with me.


On cool sheets, I squirt an arc of urine in the air,

my eyes on your eyes.

Your babe.  Let us cuddle.


I mouth your plump nipple, suckle.

You run cool hands along my thin blotched skin

as if to flood me with blood. I faint.


Come, waltz with me.


You mount me like an angel, like a dancer, like a church.

Your dark hair storms.

My eyes on your eyes.

You smell of soil.


You proffer me a vision in your grotto,

Queen of the Universe,

Queen of Victory,

Lady of Sorrows.


You whisper in my ear a secret.

You whisper in my ear good-bye.


Come, let us waltz.


Patrick T. Reardon



This poem originally appeared in UCity Review on 11.27.19.




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