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Poem: “He tossed his sin stone”


He tossed his sin stone


By Patrick T. Reardon


He tossed his sin stone into Lake Deuteronomy,

set fire to his crops

and headed for Egypt City.


He divorced his ring finger with an axe,

slew his cattle where they stood

and set off down Galatians Road.


He gave up on soil,

wore ash sack cloth

and aimed for Pharaoh’s gold.


He drank Red Sea thunder in the sun,

dined on lightning strike

and stormed up the two-lane blacktop.


He greased his hair with pig fat,

embraced Job’s whirlwind

and stepped beardless toward Delta.


He cleared his mind,

emptied his bowels

and fasted for expected banquet.


He buried the saint upside down,

pilgrimed his strides

and visioned sanctuary.


He turned to arrival.

He conjured arrival.

He has yet to arrive.



Patrick T. Reardon




This poem originally appeared at eris & eros on 8.17.20.




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