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Poem: Lamentation




By Patrick T. Reardon


Let Israel now say,

let Aaron now say,

give thanks,

mercy endures,

mystery forever his majesty.


Bulleted chaste gazelle,

backyard cement,

clot-blood hosed onto yellow winter grass.


I called upon,

put confidence in.


Mountain defiled.

Morning-dark body.


Compassed me about,

compassed me about,

compassed me about,

compassed me about like bees,

the fire of thorns,

raw flame and wild.


Robes rent.

Cup unpassed,



My strength and song

not die,

gates of righteousness,

stone builders refused,

day dawn.


Bind the sacrifice with cords

at the horns of the altar.


Devoid of speed and flight and fight.

The finger squeeze.


Sacred holocaust,

the day the Lord has made.



Patrick T. Reardon





This poem originally appeared in UCity Review on 11.27.19


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