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The Prayer of Pope Francis (Adapted from his speech at the conclusion of the 2014 synod)

Lord, help us to avoid the temptation to hostile inflexibility.

Lord, help us to avoid the temptation to treat symptoms and not root causes, to bind wounds without first treating them and curing them.

Lord, help us to avoid the temptation to transform bread into a stone and cast it against sinners, the weak and the sick.

Lord, help us to avoid the temptation to come down off the Cross, to please the people, to bow down to a worldly spirit instead of purifying it and bending it to the Spirit of the Lord.

Lord, help us to avoid the temptation to act as owners or masters of the faith.

Lord, help us to avoid the temptation to turn our eyes away from reality.


Lord, help us build a Church that is not afraid to roll up her sleeves to pour oil and wine on people’s wounds.

A Church that doesn’t see humanity as a house of glass to judge or categorize people.

A Church, one, holy, catholic, apostolic, that is composed of sinners, needful of God’s mercy.

A Church that is the true Bride of Christ.

A Church that is not afraid to eat and drink with prostitutes and publicans.

A Church that has the doors wide open to receive the needy, the penitent, and not only the just or those who believe they are perfect.

A Church that is not ashamed of the fallen brothers and sisters, pretending not to see them, but feels involved and obliged to lift them up and encourage them to take up the journey again and accompany them toward a definitive encounter with Jesus in the heavenly Jerusalem.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirt. Amen.



2014 Pastoral Visit of Pope Francis to Korea Closing Mass for Asian Youth Day  August 17, 2014  Haemi Castle, Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do  Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Korean Culture and Information Service (  Official Photographer : Jeon Han This official Republic of Korea photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way. Also, it may not be used in any type of commercial, advertisement, product or promotion that in any way suggests approval or endorsement from the government of the Republic of Korea. If you require a photograph without a watermark, please contact us via Flickr e-mail. --------------------------------------------------------------- 교황 프란치스코 방한 제6회 아시아 청년대회 폐막미사 2014-08-17 충청남도 서산시 해미읍성 문화체육관광부 해외문화홍보원 코리아넷  전한



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