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Poem: Odyssey

Odyssey By Patrick T. Reardon . Face of God, name of God, child death in every home, Egyptian, Israelite, Canaanite — let people go — sea split, walled water,  tabernacle and gold god,  "The Parting of the Red Sea" by William Blake frogs, lice, hail, locusts, boils, blood, blood, blood, ten commands,  doorposts, manna, rock water, …

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Book review: “The Cave at Altamira” by Pedro A. Saura Ramos, with essays by Matilde Muzquiz Perez-Seoane, Federico Bernaldo de Quiros, Jose Antonio Lasheras Corruchaga and Antonio Beltran.

The Cave at Altamira, published in 1998 by Harry N. Abrams, is a celebration by scholars from several fields of the artistic wonders of a meandering cave near the small town of Santillana del Mar along the farthest northern edge of Spain, not far from the Cantabrian Sea. The town is very old, tracing its…

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Chicago history: Rediscovering the art of the much-demonized Chicago wheeler-dealer Charles Tyson Yerkes

In the fall of 2003, Sebastian Smee, the art critic of the Daily Telegraph in London, described a mid-19th century painting by British artist J. M. W. Turner as “an almost unbelievable vision of swirling blue, orange and white light thrusting through fog.”  His colleague, Rachel Campbell-Johnston of The Times of London, wrote that the…

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