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Poem: Brother Red Gold

Brother Red Gold By Patrick T. Reardon . Brother Red Gold is down the line of succession and covers the flaccid County Building beat for the Deuteronomy Sun, getting by, avoiding line of sight, without complaint. . The scars on his arms are a chronology, chapter and verse, translated shouts, and, at night, close-eyed, he…

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Book review: “Everybody Here Is Kin” by BettyJoyce Nash

BettyJoyce Nash’s crackerjack novel Everybody Here Is Kin has been described as a coming-of-age tale, but that’s only half of it.  It’s also a coping-with-PTSD-after-military-service story.  And, really, it’s a lot more. There’s a reason the title is about “everybody.” Nash, a former Chicagoan, builds her novel with alternating perspectives.  One is in the voice…

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