Let-the-Baby-Sleep.- Patrick T Reardon
Salt-of-the-Earth-Doubts- Patrick T Reardon

Let the Baby Sleep


Salt of the Earth

Requiem For David (2017)- Patrick T. Reardon
The Loop: The “L” Tracks That Shaped and Saved Chicago (2020)
The lost tribes, Patrick Reardon Winter 2022

Requiem for David

The Loop

The Lost Tribes

Darkness on the Face of the Deep (Kelsay Books)
Faith Stripped to Its Essence: A Discordant Pilgrimage Through Shusaku Endo’s Silence, September 12, 2016
Love Never Fails: Spiritual Reflections for Dads of All Ages (2006)

Darkness on the Face of the Deep

Faith Stripped to Its Essence

Love Never Fails

Catholic and Starting Out: 5 Challenges and 5 Opportunities (2014)
Edith Wharton: Illuminated by ‘The Message’ (2016)

Catholic and Starting Out

Edith Wharton

Woven Lives

Starting Out: Reflections for Young People (2000)
Daily Meditations (with Scripture) for Busy Dads (1985)

Starting Out

Daily Meditations