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Book review: “Jolliet and Marquette: A New History of the 1673 Expedition” by Mark Walczynski

The expedition of discovery that Louis Jolliet, a merchant-explorer, and Jacques Marquette, a Jesuit priest, undertook with five other men in 1673 was a pivotal moment in the history of North America. And it was an important factor, much later, in the establishment of Chicago. They traveled by canoe from Green Bay, down river routes…

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Book review: “Ed Marciniak’s City and Church: A Voice of Conscience” by Charles Shanabruch

In late 1972, Ed Marciniak, a perennial social critic and justice activist, became president of the Institute of Urban Life, a small program affiliated with Loyola University Chicago.  He had just finished a twelve-year run as an “insider,” working in the Richard J. Daley administration where he’d had to temper his voice and his actions.…

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