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Book review: “The Book By Design: The Remarkable Story of the World’s Greatest Invention,” edited by P.J.M. Marks and Stephen Parkin

By |2024-03-15T21:22:04+00:00March 20th, 2024|

  For more than eighteen centuries, paper was made with rags — such as old clothes, sails and ropes — the same way it had first been fashioned in China.  [...]

Book review: “The Lamb Cycle: What the Great English Poets Would Have Written about Mary and Her Lamb (Had They Thought of It First)” by David R. Ewbank, with illustrations by Kate Feiffer

By |2024-03-05T21:49:09+00:00February 8th, 2024|

If Shakespeare, instead of Mother Goose, had written “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” perhaps he would have penned a sonnet to take the young girl to task for abandoning [...]

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