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Marina Abramovic’s page at

I'm a fan of Marina Abramovic's performance art. I wrote about it three years ago in a review of "The Lovers" which was the catalogue for the work that she and her partner at the time Ulay carried out in 1988  a walk toward each other on the Great Wall of China. There's also a wonderful video…

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Thinking the thinkable

Recently, I sat down and wrote out a plan for my funeral service. A couple days later, I wrote about it in the Chicago Tribune. You can find it here:,0,1817717.story

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Hallowed ground

Which is this nation's most hallowed ground? The phrase has been used to describe the Gettysburg battlefield, Arlington National Cemetery and Ground Zero. I write about this question in an op-ed piece in today's Chicago Tribune:,0,7298628.story

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