Marina Abramovic’s page at

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June 24, 2015
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June 30, 2015
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Marina Abramovic’s page at

Wall --- 4 -- by Paco DelgadoI’m a fan of Marina Abramovic’s performance art.

I wrote about it three years ago in a review of “The Lovers” which was the catalogue for the work that she and her partner at the time Ulay carried out in 1988  a walk toward each other on the Great Wall of China.

abramovic-ulay....the lovers

There’s also a wonderful video of her work The Artist is Present, put on in 2010 at MOMA.  A nice clip from it is available on YouTube.

marina...artist is present

Now, has put together a nifty and comprehensive webpage about her career, featuring images from scores of her works.  It appears to be a great resource.

Patrick T. Reardon



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