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Poem: First parents

First parents

Patrick T. Reardon


Eve and Adam, the Bible’s Barbie and Ken,

lived in the Garden, a Dreamhouse of

empty echoing outdoor rooms, an

insipid Paradise, except for that tree from

a brother’s G.I. Joe jungle survival set, out of

place with the handwritten

sign “Don’t Touch!!!!!”


Eve was a blond Bardot, top-

heavy. Adam, sapless in his

childishness. The snake, a river of joyful rot

oozing into the Garden with perfumed stink.


No way anyone would be tricked by the bubbling

scum, blood and chemicals.

Eve held her nose to take a bite from the

rancid fruit.


Out of despair at the zipless Ken and their drear

Garden and the mindless lustless touchless nakedness.


She itched for a jolt of dread.


Patrick T. Reardon


This poem originally appeared in Meat for Tea, Volume 15, Issue 2, June, 2021

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