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Poem: “It’ll get you there”

It’ll get you there

By Patrick T. Reardon

Follow 12 steps.

Chew sugarless gum.

Show up for counsel.

Lines to stay within

Enjoy breathing.

Enjoy Diet Coke.

Take medicine on time.

Answer when asked.

No need to understand.

Check off boxes.

Listen to instructions.

Avoid those thoughts.

Only get in the car to go somewhere.

Walk briskly past the gun store.

Do not search the internet for guidance.

Dead brother’s blood.

Before you encapsulated the scream,

you were wild with agony.

So were the others.

The others.

Doubly agonize them?

Doubly rend their skin, break their bones?

Doubly self-empty?

Do no harm.

It’ll form the frame to fit your portrait.

It’ll get you there.

It’ll swaddle.





Patrick T. Reardon


This poem was initially published in Meat for Tea, published 9.8.19.

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