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Poem: “Marriage Song”

Marriage Song

Patrick T. Reardon


We exult at the joining of young lives.

We dance the dance of joy.


This is a time of merriment.

This is a time of wonder.

Who will argue at a time like this?

Who will find fault?


Fear is exiled.  Jealousy is banished.

We are in the land of milk and honey.

We are in a rich and fertile land.


We are anointed in these vows.

In these promises, we are blessed.

This rite is our consecration.

This joining is our union.


This is the time of the Spirit.

This is the time of bright visions.


Let us dance.

Let us sing our songs.

Let us smile and laugh together.


We are in the Promised Land.

We are on our soil.

We are where we belong.


Patrick T. Reardon



Happy marriage, John Fallon and Sarah Reardon!


(Love in 2020!)

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  • john Posted October 23, 2020 12:55 pm

    just beautiful

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