Patrick T Reardon


Poem: Liberty

By |2021-07-04T05:38:00+00:00July 4th, 2021|

Liberty By Patrick T. Reardon . On Bedloe's Island, ducking  the tour, I stowed away and, at night, when all  bodies had emptied out of the body, found the command deck where, with a touch [...]

Poem: Heron

By |2021-03-02T04:28:00+00:00March 2nd, 2021|

Heron By Patrick T. Reardon . Great blue heron, white in high green, folds on self, forward falls toward water, clear space, wingspan wind-catch, rise in flight. . I am [...]

Poem: When

By |2020-12-24T04:35:25+00:00December 24th, 2020|

. When By Patrick T. Reardon When I sit and when I stand. When clots of fog cover the restless river. When tick tocks. When I die and when I [...]

Poem: “After”

By |2020-11-03T05:12:56+00:00November 3rd, 2020|

After By Patrick T. Reardon . After clangor parade, after wailing trombones, teletype drums, clockwork drum majors and majorettes, after cymbal clamor of arena-full horde, pent-up for release, for rebound [...]

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