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Essay: The After

    I’ve started to think of it as The After.  I mean that time when it will be safe for me and the rest of the world to do all the stuff we used to do before Covid-19 showed up and ruined the party. The time after we’ve lived through this pandemic, those of us who do…

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List: Ten albums

  I just finished one of those challenges on Facebook, this one wanting me on consecutive days to post an image of an album that influenced my musical taste, without comment. Here, in alphabetical order, is the full list, with a tiny comment for each: Hourglass, James Taylor --- mature, introspective folk music. John Wesley Harding,…

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Photos: Calvary Cemetery — 4.25.20

  The afternoon was cold, dark and rainy at Calvary Cemetery. Maybe that’s why I ended up in my short walk there, focusing on the textures of things, such as this sideview of one of several angels adorning a tombstone.     I liked the simple sharpness carved into the fronds of this ornamentation on another.     And the boulder-like character of…

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