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Photos: Calvary Cemetery — 4.25.20

  The afternoon was cold, dark and rainy at Calvary Cemetery. Maybe that’s why I ended up in my short walk there, focusing on the textures of things, such as this sideview of one of several angels adorning a tombstone.     I liked the simple sharpness carved into the fronds of this ornamentation on another.     And the boulder-like character of…

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Essay: Calvary Cemetery, 4.7.20

The lakefront parks are closed, as are all the other city parks. Walking on the sidewalks of Edgewater — normally an invigorating exercise — is weird.  I find myself scanning ahead of me to judge whether anyone’s coming near me, whether the person is or isn’t wearing a mask, whether the person is or isn’t alone. Do…

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Essay: Rosehill Cemetery, 3.24.20

I think I’ve always enjoyed walking in cemeteries. That may seem odd, especially during our present national crisis. But walking — well-separated from each other — is one of the few activities that are still available to us as we keep our heads down or, like turtles, keep ourselves inside our shell.  Walking and running and biking. There…

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